Mineral day and night makeup tutorial!


I have tried several natural cosmetic products as well as mineral makeup. Sampure’s mineral makeup found its way to my makeup bag back in February, which is also when I first introduced the brand to my readers (read HERE!). I’ve stuck with their powder foundations ever since and shared the results of my looks over and over again with you. You have often been left speechless by the results and asked me which shades and how I use these products. Now I have joined forces with my favourite makeup artist Helen Pihlak to share my experience and have Helen give you professional makeup tips on how to cover uneven skin, achieve simple and fast day makeup, contour your face and turn your day makeup look into a night one in just a few steps. Are you ready? Have your makeup bag ready and let’s get started!


Photo – Artur Ivlijev


Day look in 6 steps

Preparing your skin before applying makeup is one of the most important steps. I’ve also written several posts on this particular topis (read HERE!). Looking after your skin before applying makeup prepares the skin to achieve a long lasting beautiful result. If you apply mineral makeup to skin that is already dry you can be sure the result will not be what you are looking for. Without hydrating your skin beforehand you might be left thinking that mineral makeup dries your skin when in reality adding powder products to already dry surface just amplifies the result of… your skin looking dry.

1. Mineral base

Start by applying the mineral powder foundation. Sampure Minerals mineral powders are available in six different shades:

  1. Light Beige (very light skin, neutral)
  2. Vanilla (very light skin, pink undertone)
  3. Porcelain (light skin, yellow undertone)
  4. Soft Beige (medium skin, olive)
  5. Sand (medium skin, light coverage,
    yellow undertone)
  6. Natural Beige (tanned skin, warm undertone)
  7. Tan – (tanned and dark skin, cold undertone)


I have always used the shade Sand. It works perfectly with my natural tan in the summer as well as my selftanning products in the winter. Add a small amount of powder on to the lid to apply to your face in circular motion. Use a kabuki brush or any applicator you prefer. PS! Do not dip the applicator directly in the pot as that causes for the bacteria to spread.

2. Hiding imperfections and setting the base

Once you’ve applied the mineral powder evenly on your skin it’s time to use a smaller brush to dab a lighter shade of the foundation to areas that need more coverage – nose, under your eyes, eyelids, red areas, spots. As my usual shade Sand has a yellow undertone I do not use it under my eyes. Helen managed to hide my tired looking eyes with the Light Beige shade which is considerably lighter. PS! Mineral powder has anti-inflammatory properties and doesn’t clog the pores so do not be afraid to use it on your spots.


Once you’ve applied the mineral powder, use the same method to apply the finishing powder. Mineral powder is for creating the base to replace the concealer and liquid foundation. Finishing powder seals the whole look and makes the makeup last longer. You can choose the finishing powder based on the look you are after:

  1. Glow gives your skin glowy finish.
  2. Natural finishing powder leaves your skin looking silky and natural.
  3. Golden finishing powder adds a golden hint to your skin.


3. Contouring your face

Contour your cheekbones and forehead with the Sunkissed mineral bronzing powder. If you wish you draw more attention to your lips be sure to apply bronzing powder under your nose and lips to make them visually more voluptuous. For this, I recommend using this blush brush in the Get Started kit. When you’re done with the bronzing powder clean your brush and use it to apply mineral blush to your cheekbones. We used the shade Blossom. PS! Both products are very pigmented so you won’t need to use much!


If there is one product that every makeup artist applies its a good highlighter. If you don’t have a highlighter at home you can use a golden tone mineral eyeshadow instead. Apply this to your cheekbones, along the bridge of your nose, the top of your nose and the top of your lips. That’s the base ready!

4. Brows

I don’t need much to shape my brows as my brows as I get them professionally done with permanent makeup by Adriana Mänd. I don’t apply product to my brows every day but I do have finished touches added when I do a full makeup look. For this particular purpose Helen used this eyebrow pencil to achieve the perfect line. She also used the new matte bronzing powder to fill my brows.

5. Eyes

For the eyes, we used the mineral eyeshadow in Snowflake shade applying the product from the corner to the middle of my eyes using a flat eyeshadow brush. We used the same bronzing powder to achieve the dark outer corner. PS! Applying your eyeshadow in several layers makes it last longer!


Then it was time for the mineral mascara Beautiful. Curl your lashes and apply the mascara to your top and bottom lashes. The mascara is very light and gentle and is suitable for the most sensitive of eyes including people with contact lenses. The one thing you cannot expect with natural products is for them to be waterproof but that works perfectly for me as it makes moving the makeup later that much more gentle.

6. Lips


Applying makeup to your lips should always start with contouring them. Helen used the Sampure Minerals automatic lip liner Lily. We then used the matte lipstick in Playful Pink to complete the look. Both products are available in various shades. And we’re done! Simple day makeup look which emphasizes natural beauty hides imperfections and is kind to your skin!



From day look to night look in just 2 steps

I don’t know about you but for me it happens quite often where I need to turn my day makeup look into a night one to go out. I haven’t been out to a party for 4 months but otherwise I always used to carry a lipstick and an eyeliner with me. Helen turned my sweet and light day look into a feminine glamorous night look in just two simple steps. Firstly she applied the Sampure black eyeliner onto my lids and then added some fake eyelashes for a more dramatic look.



Why do I personally love Sampure makeup?

As you know I have been battling with acne since the day I said goodbye to contraceptive pills. Nagu teate olen vaevelnud akne käes päevast, mil ma pillidega lõpparve tegin (read why HERE!). I do not regret that decision for a moment and would never damage my body with them again. I would rather suffer with acne than poison my body. I would go as far as say that having acne has helped me in many ways. It has made me pay more attention to the inside – my health, my body and self-love. When many people say that acne has killed their self-confidence and they do not know how to love themselves then in a funny way it has opened the doors to the journey of self-love for me.  Even though I have always thought I have loved myself I didn’t realise how shallow it was and how much more I love and appreciate myself now, regardless of whether my skin looks like a minefield or soft as a baby’s butt.


I’ve made important changes in my skin care, eating habits, lifestyle and the way I treat myself to get my skin into a better condition. I have cut lactose out almost completely (it happens sometimes!), I eat barely any mean, I eat as natural foods as possible, use a skin care line I know works for me, visit a cosmetologist regularly, take necessary vitamins and swapped my whole makeup bag to only contain mineral products! That’s where Sampure played such an important role as it was the first mineral cosmetics brand I stayed loyal to.


Sampure Minerals allows you to achieve a flawless look without damaging your skin! (All of their products have been made using the best quality natural ingredients, they’re vegan and without any harmful chemicals (their products don’t contain any mineral oils, parabens, petroleum products, fillers, lanolin) and they are easy to use for everyone – you don’t need magic skills to achieve a flawless base because the products are easy to blend and look natural.

I recommend the Get Started kit for anyone just getting started with mineral makeup! It is priced at  59,90€ (you will find a coupon code at the end of this post to bring the price down to 50,9€). Buying the products separately would cost you 104,70€ meaning you will get a 55% discount! The kit contains everything to create a flawless makeup look with skin friendly products. The kits come in different shades meaning everyone will fine one suitable for them! That’s the exact same kit I started out with.

Where can you buy/order Sampure products?

  1. Pure Cosmetics Estonia e-shop
  2. Tradehouse Ilukaubamajast
  3. Loverte e-shop
  4. FreshGO e-shop
  5. Beauty fair Ilu Sõnum autumn 2018 – stand nr. B018

You can use the discount code “porgand15” until the end of October at the Pure Cosmetics Estonia e-shop for 15% off all Sampure Mineralsi products+ if you spend at least 50€ on Sampure Mineralsi products you get a Sampure Mineralsi kosmeetikakott FOR FREE (value of 15,90€)! Additionally you get free delivery on all orders over 29€! The same offer is valid at the beauty fair Ilu Sõnum autumn 2018, which takes place from 12-14.10 at the Eesti Näitused conference centre. You will find Sampure Mineralsi at the stand B018. You can try the products out on your skin and the representatives and the makeup artist will help you pick products suitable for your skin type. There’s an additional surprise for all my readers – just let Sampure Minerals know you’ve read this post! PS! This offer is valid until the end of October and doesn’t apply to other offers and discounts!

PS! If you are after a beautiful makeup look or fix your brows or voluptuous eyelashes with Helen – be sure to visit her new salon Appleberry in the city centre. Address: Tehnika 117. Be quick to get an appointment though because she gets booked fast!

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