I’m fasting?!

23 hours without eating? One meal a day? Drinking just water for the rest of the day? Not losing muscle? Feeling better than ever? Not starving? I’m going to be a boring blogger without keeping the suspense until the end of the post and tell you right now: the answer is yes to all of the above! I wrote an informative blog post about intermittent fasting on my blog about a year ago (called IF going forward). It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle where a person eats during a certain window in the day, usually between 8-4 hours long, […]

Heeeelp – dandruff!

Hey lovelies! I am sorry that I have been in hiding for so long. I have completely lost myself between the pages of my new book! I now squeezed the last bit of energy to write this post right after attending the recording of the “Big Game of the Night”  TV show which was incredible! That is my first ever TV show which will air on Channel 2 already in December. And since I got such a positive charge from there, I wanted to use that same energy to write this blog post. The topic itself however is not so […]

Mineral day and night makeup tutorial!

I have tried several natural cosmetic products as well as mineral makeup. Sampure’s mineral makeup found its way to my makeup bag back in February, which is also when I first introduced the brand to my readers (read HERE!). I’ve stuck with their powder foundations ever since and shared the results of my looks over and over again with you. You have often been left speechless by the results and asked me which shades and how I use these products. Now I have joined forces with my favourite makeup artist Helen Pihlak to share my experience and have Helen give […]

We were not allowed to cross the Belarus border and ended up begging on the streets of Vilnius

Just two weekends ago, Roomet and I were enjoying a vacation in Estonia, when we decided to make a small trip to visit vSpa in Tartu for the first time. We enjoyed an incredibly wide selection of saunas and an outdoor jacuzzi in the sun, Tui Na massage (the first massage experience that was comparable to the massage in Thai Lotus Spa in Estonia), a private jacuzzi in our romantic Deluxe room, a 3-course delicious dinner at the Joyce Restaurant, and a rich breakfast buffet. Sometimes it’s nice to tour around Estonia and treat yourself. The trip to Minsk that was […]