Merilin Taimre is the simple Tallinn girl behind the Paljas Porgand blog. She has been through countless challenges and experiences and has therefore made incredible (and often unbelievable!) changes in her life. Little recipe blogger (at the speed of light) turned into a healthy lifestyle promoter and influencer. Paljas Porgand is a place for everyone who loves and respects themselves and others around them; where no opinion is wrong and we all grow together.

Here you can find:

  • Healthy lifestyle tips
  • Healthy recipes
  • New training knowledge
  • About my journey to self-love
  • Discussions about relationships
  • Beauty and fashion tips
  • Travel guides
  • And much much more

I am an ever-changing and developing woman which is why today I am not who I was yesterday and I will be different tomorrow from who I am today. Take what you find on my blog as new knowledge but not as the only truth and we will get along great! We all have our own reality and truth which we live by. Others can only help us find it or change it when we need it.

This is why I am always open to discussions and comments which help our truths rise higher. Any negativity, badmouthing and low energy is not and will not be a part of this blog. Therefore, if you find your comment disappearing, you know why.

I wish you an eventful journey here on my blog – whatever you came here to look for, I hope you find it. Nice to meet you and have you here!